The Proving Grounds Youth Program is a class aimed at providing a safe and proactive learning environment for youth aged 12-18. This class will offer a wide variety of topics while focusing on the basics of self defence, discipline, teamwork, and leadership. We believe in the importance of offering a healthy and encouraging environment for teens as they grow and develop. This is why we’ve designed our classes around nurturing a healthy respect for self, while pushing our students to always strive for betterment. We aim to help every student grow to understand and like who they are as a person, while teaching them the importance of personal growth.

Each class will focus on a different topic, which are selected a month in advance and listed on the Youth Program calendar, both here on our website and on our Facebook page. The class is designed to offer a wide variety of subjects to give our students as many new experiences as we can, and help them learn to be comfortable in any environment. Most importantly, all of our classes are geared towards teaching our students the importance of personal space, and personal safety. This is why we have a strong focus on teaching self defence and hazard aversion.


Classes run Monday through to Thursday from 3:30 PM until 5:00 PM. All classes will have the necessary equipment provided for them, but should a student wish they are able to purchase the equipment for any classes through us.

We ask that all students please wear proper attire for these sorts of activities:

  • Running shoes, or athletic footwear
  • A loose fitting shirt that isn’t baggy
  • Sweat pants or shorts that are easy to move in
    • We recommend against wearing jeans for our classes if possible

Please ensure that no clothing worn has safety pins, or other potential hazards attached to them. As well, all jewellery that can be removed should. Jewellery that cannot be removed and poses potential risks will be taped at the start of class if it’s relevant.

We also advise that all students bring out a towel, and a bottle of water to every class.

Classes are 1 credit per month for Founders or otherwise are $10 per class! Our Youth Program also offers sponsorships for individuals in need. Please visit our sponsor request page to apply!

If you’d like to help a youth attend our class, please visit our Youth Sponsor Page, where you can find all the information about helping a student attend our program!