We’re happy to announce that the prototype rapiers for our Youth Fencing Program┬áhave been completed, and we’re incredibly happy with the results! If you’d like to help support the Youth Program by sponsoring a sword, just check out our sword sponsorship page!

Our upcoming Youth Fencing Program is approaching fast, and it needs your help! Until the funding goal is met, you can sponsor a sword that will be used by youth in schools, camps, and workshops! As a bonus towards sponsoring a sword, we will be working with Calimacil to have the names of the individuals or logos of the businesses that sponsor the swords laser etched on to the blades!

Just in time for the holiday season, we’ve added many new items to our store; including gift certificates!


Upcoming Events

The Hunt Countdown








The Hunt - Qualifier|| Feb 24 ||
The Hunt || May 25 ||
Kingdoms 2019 || Aug 06/07 ||

Come join us at the beautiful Lions Pavilion at Maffeo Sutton Park for our classes! Your first class is free!

Take a second to visit our incredible Youth Fencing Program sponsor!