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Date(s) - 14/09/2019 - 15/09/2019
10:30 am - 6:00 pm

Kingdoms Field


Kingdom Rulebook

Crown your king and get ready to build your kingdom! This 2 day long event will see teams competing to grow their numbers and resources in an advanced game of team deathmatch.

Kingdoms will feature teams with a minimum of 5 people in a open melee against enemy kingdoms. The game will have each team carrying their supplies with them as they seek to grow their kingdom in both size and number. Each team will be allowed to customize their kingdom (their base) as they see fit. Want to build walls? Be our guest. A fan of moats? We don’t know how you’ll do it, but we want to see it! Your food, water, weapons, and all other supplies need to fit inside your camp though, so make sure to plan ahead!

Supplies and gold are the lifeblood of any kingdom, which is why we only think it’s fair that you steal what you need to prosper. Send thieves to steal an enemies food, rob an enemy patrol at the point of your sword, or just maim and massacre as you see fit. As long as it’s not strapped down, it’s yours for the taking. Gold is the fuel that makes a nation move, and with enough of it you can buy the world!

What can gold actually do though? Well that’s simple: buy more troops, buy supplies, and hire mercenaries! When a player dies, they go to the dead zone. Every half hour a king can journey to the dead zone and hire new recruits to bolster your kingdom’s ranks. Don’t forget to buy the weapons, food, and water you need to keep your new citizen happy and healthy. Just be careful, for there are bound to be assassins waiting for careless kings traveling to the one place they know you’ll be.

Now that you know how important gold is, you need to know how to get it! Aside from an hourly income your nation gets, you’ve got several methods. The easiest, though not the most lucrative method is simply killing your enemies! A more savvy businessman will sell their surplus weapons, food, and supplies to neighbouring villages, or to the central bank. You can also capture enemy troops and sell them as slaves to the mercenary core, or simply hold them ransom and force their kings to buy them back! The highest risk and highest reward of course always go hand in hand, and the highest gold stache you can find is in the coffers of another kingdom. Send in a theif to steal it quietly, or simply storm the gates and take it by force.

Your king is the heart of your kingdom, and without them the kingdom will fall. Should king, who is identified by their royal badge, die. Their killer will take their crown, and is now in control of that kingdom. That kingdom will then become a servant state of their main kingdom, but will receive all the same benefits as every other kingdom. At the point of a king dying, all citizens of the now fallen nation have a choice: they can bow to their new king and become citizens of the new nation, or they can become renegades.These renegades serve no nation, and can wander as they see fit. Will they become bandits and manece the trade routes? Will they become a rebel group and attempt to overthrow a nation? Will they become mercenaries or bounty hunters working for the highest bidder? Only they can decide what route they’ll take now that they’re outcast.

Death is no solace for those seeking peace. All dead souls need to be whipped into shape, and in shape they will be! Those who die will be working out for the duration of their stay in purgatory. Don’t fret though, all dead souls will be given a chance every hour to fight for their freedom. Should a dead soul gain their freedom, they will be given a group and a small assembly of weapons, and the birth of a barbarian tribe will be born. These barbarians serve no king, and their sole purpose is to claim a nation as their own. Should they succeed in killing a king, they will become the new rulers of that land, and their leader shall rise to king!

All teams must be registered with The Proving Grounds ahead of time, and require a minimum of 5 participants. Each team can have a maximum of 10 participants to start. We encourage teams to create banners and flags for their kingdom if they wish to decorate their base. If you’re wishing to find a team to join or looking to find people to join your team, we recommend you visit our Proving Grounds Live Facebook page.

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