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Date(s) - 26/05/2018
4:30 pm - 8:30 pm

The Pit


Think you’re a good hunter? Time to put it to the test! Join us for this one of a kind event which pits the head of the Proving Grounds, Blake Holmes, against everyone else. In this event you will work together to track down, corner, and ultimate take out Blake as he fights to stay alive and outlast the clock. Of course though, there can only be one winner, so how far will your teamwork take you in the end? Be careful though, because along side years of experience, Blake will be pulling out all of the stops to stay one step ahead of you.

This event will feature a progressive weapon system. To start out, all participants will only be allowed knives and daggers. As time goes on, players will be allowed to use short swords, then long swords, ultimately working their way up to pole arms, and projectiles. Be careful though, because Blake will always be one step ahead. If you have a knife, he’ll have a short sword. If you have a short sword, he’ll have a long sword.

This event will also feature unique combat rules for Blake in an effort to maintain some balance. All other participants will follow normal rules.

-Only solid hits on Blake will count. He will declare the hit if it counts.

-Blake will be playing without a helmet for easy identification.


The winner (if there is one) will be the person who lands the finishing blow on Blake. That person will get to choose between either free entry in to our upcoming event Kingdoms, or a $100 cash prize!