Who We Are!

The Proving Grounds is a business geared towards martial arts, adventure, and fun. We teach various forms of weapons combat, specialising mostly in swords and blades. On top of our martial arts classes, we offer workshops and seminars aiming to cover topics ranging from survival to the obscure and interesting.

While we do try to offer the best training experience we can, we also understand that life can’t just be all work. That’s why we like to frequently host tournaments, events, and our very own sport: Melee Combat Games; to help shake things up a bit. Melee Combat Games is a creature of our own creation, being a cross between ancient combat and paintball. We take the games typically used in sports such as paintball or airsoft – team deathmatch, capture the flag, extermination – and we swap out the guns for our swords, bows, axes, and spears. The outcome of this amalgamation of genres is the most intense and thrilling game you’ll find. The varied weapon types gives freedom for players to choose their preferred play style, and the ever changing game types and teams means no one strategy will always lead you to victory.

We sincerely hope that you’ll come be part of our adventure with us! We welcome everyone to our classes, and are always looking to expand and grow both as people, and as a business.