Instructor Certificate, Rank, & Belt Policy

It is the official policy of The Proving Grounds that no instructor shall openly and publicly discuss their previous qualifications, certificates, or belts earned outside of our school while acting as representatives of The Proving Grounds. We firmly believe that to do so would be to falsely equate what we do with what has previously been done, and would be an act of trying to justify what we’re currently doing. In just the same way that a black belt in karate does not qualify one to instruct Taekwondo, and a certificate in Destreza does not give you the right to critique Olympic Fencing, we believe that there is no certificate that we could list that would give us the “authority”, as it were, towards our style. The Proving Grounds does not teach historical combat arts, and makes no claims towards it. What we teach we call “Fudoshin Martial Arts”, in honour of the philosophy we have towards training, and we personally believe that it would be an insult to both our art, and any art we reference to try to justify one with the other. It is our opinion, and one that we are proud to hold, that all martial arts have their own worth and should all be judged independently by what they are doing; and not by where they came from.