What is MCG

You’re standing in an open field. You’re surrounded by enemies on all sides and they’re coming at you with swords, spears and axes. Arrows shriek towards you. Sounds desperate doesn’t it? No, it doesn’t, you say, hefting the comforting weight of your two-handed great sword. Sounds like a party.

Replace steel blades with high quality foam weapons and mortal enemies with your friends, and you’re beginning to get what Melee Combat Games is about. We set up games using ‘medieval’ style weapons made of safe and durable foam. Think paintball but close range, with swords and bows instead of guns and bullets.

Equip Require

We provide all equipment but you are welcome to bring your own in, as long as they pass safety requirements.

  • Protective headgear must be worn and pass a safety inspection.
  • All weapons must pass a safety inspection. ¬†No homemade weapons.
  • All Calimacil and Epic Armoury weapons are automatically accepted.
  • Bows must be 30 pounds or less.
  • No homemade arrows – IDV only.
  • Metal or other materials that can tear weapons or skin should not be worn.