Sparring Rules & Requirements

We at the Proving Grounds advocate the necessity for full contact sparring at full speeds, but wish to still keep conditions safe and responsible for everyone involved! As such, we require that all participants adhere to our rules & regulations outlined on this page at all times.

Required & Recommended Equipment

All fighters must at all times during a sparring match, contest, or competition have proper head protection. Proper head protection is defined as something that meets the following criteria:

  • Fully covers the front of the face, without gaps large enough to allow a weapon to stab through them.
    • Eg. A full mesh mask
  • Is made out of a durable material that can withstand a full force impact of a weapon; such as steel.
  • Is properly fitted to the head, and will not fall off from simple movement.
    • Helmets must be able to remain on after a forwards roll
  • Does not impede or possibly restrict the windpipe.
    • Helmets with chin straps, or cords that dangle will need to be checked to ensure no risk of suffocation.

Aside from helmets, proper footwear is also mandated. Proper footwear must:

  • Be securely bound to the foot through lace, Velcro, or tape.
  • Be flat bottomed
    • No high heels, please.
  • Not contain any potential hazards such as spikes
  • Due to the hazards of long term use, we do not allow the use of steel toed boots.

Aside from the required equipment, we urge participants to also acquire some or all of our recommended equipment.

  • Gloves
    • Leather, padded, or fencing gloves are ideal.
  • Bracers
  • Groin protection
  • Throat protection (A gorge)
  • Body and leg armour
  • Combat is on an honour system. A combatant may only ever declare their self hit.
    • A combatant suspected of not declaring their hits may receive a penalty.
  • After declaration of a hit, combatants will return to their beginning position, and begin their next round.
  • All combatants are to demonstrate control and show intent during combat.
    • Any combatant that shows disregard towards the safety of the referee or opponent will receive a warning. This is left up to the discretion of the referee.
  • Repeated unsportsmanlike conduct may result in forfeiture of the match, and possible suspension from activities.
  • Contact in the form of kicks, and open hand strikes are allowed in good faith.
    • Neither type of strikes may target the head or groin.
  • Grappling is also allowed in good faith, and will follow standard grappling rules.
    • Neither striking nor grappling constitute a point, unless yielded.
  • The referees decision is final.
    • Combatants may respectfully challenge the referees decision in the moment, but must respect the decision made after.

Combat Rules

All combat will follow these standardized rules:

  • All swords used must either be Calimacil brand, or receive approval from an officiant.
  • All shields used must either be Epic Armoury brand, or receive approval from an officiant.
  • All combatants must wear required protective gear that passes a minimum safety inspection.
  • With the exception of protective equipment, and carrying equipment for weapons (frogs, holders, scabbards, etc.) combatants may not have things attached to their being.
  • Excluding helmets, protective equipment may not be made primarily of metal, and may not have metal protruding with any angles. Those unsure about their armour should seek approval from an officiant.
  • Matches are a first to 10 points system, with a 3 point lead on the opponent.
  • Points are established by a first contact system:
    • First contact is established by one of the two following:
      • Contact by the bladed part of a weapon or,
      • Contact containing enough force by a blunted part of a weapon
      • Any mutual hit will be decided by the referee based on location, and force.
      • A combatant may yield a point to their opponent if they feel it warranting
        • If both combatants yield the point, a “no hit” will be declared, and the round will reset

Have any questions about our rules and regulations? Please don’t hesitate to contact us!