The Proving Grounds Youth Fencing Program is a 3 phase program aimed at bringing the world of fencing and martial arts to the youth of central Vancouver Island.

This program, works with with the schools of districts 68 & 69 to allow them to book us in for their gym classes, and various school events at no charge to the schools. For 2020, we are offering schools the ability to book us for either rapier fencing, or archery classes for up to 1 week intervals at a time.

Outside of the school districts, we intend to create 2 after school youth programs; one for each district. These programs will be geared towards teaching martial arts, team work, leadership, and life skills.

Donations for this program will also go towards reserving seats in our regular weekly classes for at risk and low income youth, allowing them the opportunity to enroll in our classes free of charge, with all equipment provided.

Finally, the Youth Fencing Program will be hosting various weekend workshops and seminars, and will be hosting Spring, Summer, and Winter camps for youth that corresponds with their breaks from school. Through all 3 phases, this program seeks to provide something for every student, regardless of their schedule.

We intend for this program to offer a healthy outlet and educational environment for youth that will help keep them focused and occupied both inside and out of regular school hours.

The entire program is intended to be community funded, and we have options set up for both individual and corporate sponsors. We’re keeping the program free for participants for two reasons: We don’t want to exclude students from low income families; and we don’t want to burden our already underfunded school districts with booking fees.

If you’d like to help support this program, please just follow the appropriate link below, and make sure to share it with everyone you know! We’ll only be able to make this possible with the support of the community.

If you’d like more information or just have a question about our program, please check our our FAQ, or feel free contact us and we’ll be happy to answer.

Are you from a school in the SD 68/69 region? Contact Us to be added to the mailing list to be the first to know when booking is available! Please include which school you’re from, and your role at the school for reference.

If you’re wanting to take an active role in this program, either through volunteering your services or wishing to help fund raise for it, please e-mail us at!

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