Youth Fencing Program Business Sponsorship

We have set up some options for any businesses seeking to help support us in our quest to bring martial arts to youth.

-With permission, we will be posting the logo for every business that sponsor this program on our front page, with a link to either their home page; or to a page with their business and contact if they don’t have a website.

-For every $50/month ($600/year) donated by a business, we’re offering a private booking for up to 12 people. This booking can be a private martial arts class, a workshop or seminar, or any or our various party events we offer, including melee combat games and combat archery.

-All print media used for this program will have the logo of every business sponsoring this program.

-Every business will receive a plaque identifying them as a sponsor of the program that can be displayed as they please.

We ask that businesses please consider donating at least 0.05% of their regular income to help us achieve our goal. Businesses are welcome to give either a monthly or yearly donation to qualify for the above listed benefits. Our payment portal runs through Paypal. If you wish to provide a donation through a different means, please contact us and we’ll work with you to ensure that you are happy with your donation method.