Combat Archery

Combat Archery is the art of using a bow and arrow in a fast paced, combat environment. Join us every Saturday at the Bowen Park Sports Field for our weekly drop in team based combat archery game.

The Game

2 teams face off to be the last team standing, or the first team to shoot out all of the other teams targets. If a player is hit by an arrow anywhere on their body, they are out and move to the dead zone. When a player is out, they can be revived in one of 2 ways: a teammate can either hit out a target, or catch an arrow. Each game lasts 15 minutes, and in the event that a game goes to time, the team with the most points will be the winner.

The Players

Archers – Most players will play this role. They are the main force of their team, and have free range of the field. Archers are allowed bows up to 30 pounds.

Snipers – Snipers are the muscle of the team. Restricted to the back row of their field, but shooting hotter than their fellow archers. Snipers are allowed bows up to 40 pounds, and are allowed to use crossbows.

The Field

Main Field – This is where most players spend their game. Archers make free use of this space to try to defeat their opponent

Sniper Zone  Snipers are only allowed to loose arrows within this zone. They may run out of their zone to gather arrows, but must return to use their bow. Archers are allowed to use the sniper zone if they want.

No Man’s Land  This space belongs to no one. Players from both teams may enter here to gather arrows, but cannot use their bows while in here.

Flanking Zone – This zone belongs to both teams. Running along both sides of both fields, players from either team may run along the flanking zone in an attempt to get a better angle of the other team. Players may no move directly from the Flanking Zone to

Shields – Hide behind these to stay alive. These stationary walls will be your only safe hiding place on the field.

Forward Targets – Each team will have 2 forward target boards, each containing 3 targets. Hit 1 of these targets out to revive 1 teammate and gain 1 point. 

Sniper Target – The sniper target functions the same as the forward targets, but is worth double. Hit out the sniper target to revive 2 teammates, and gain 2 points.


All players will have at minimum their bow, and a full face helmet during the game. Required equipment is available for all players. Players are allowed to use their own equipment after their equipment has been reviewed.

Bows  All bow types are allowed. If you wish to bring your own equipment, please make sure that it is within the poundage limit for bows, as it will be tested day of. Any bows that show noticeable damage to the limbs may be rejected from the field.

Helmets – All helmets must cover the entirety of the face and ears, and must be durable enough to take an impact from an arrow. Paintball helmets, airsoft helmets, and sword fighting helmets are all examples of helmets typically used.

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