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The Founder Project

Become a founder, join our Founder Club, and help us achieve our goal! What’s a founder you might ask? Well it’s simple:

Being a founder means that you’re actively donating every month to help us achieve our goal of opening and maintaining a facility. To be a founder you must donate a minimum of $25 per month. This system will eventually transition in to the membership system of our facility, but the founders perks will forever be exclusive to those that sign up now.

In exchange for helping us achieve our goal, all founders will receive the following:

  • -Heavily discounted rates for all classes for as long as you maintain your Founder account
    • —Each classes takes 1 class credit per month. You can change the rate that you’re set to if you’re wanting to increase or decrease the classes you’re currently taking just by contacting us!
  • -For the first year after the facility is open:
    • —Unlimited drop in to all drop in nights such as Fight Night, followed by a transition in to a heavily discounted rate


  • -Forever, as long as you maintain your Founders Account:
    • —50% off all private bookings
    • —10% off all purchases
    • —Priority placement on events and workshops
    • —Access to exclusive promotions, events, contests, and more!
    • —A “Founder” t-shirt so you can show that you were part of what made all of this possible!
      • —    Shirts will be given out at the grand opening of the facility!
    • —Anniversary presents for every year that you’re with us!
    • —Access to the Monthly Rewards! Check them out here to see what’s currently offered!
    • —And more! We will be introducing more perks that will apply to all founders over the next coming months, as a way of saying “thank you” for everyone that helps make this happen!
    • —Free drop in during all hours the facility is not occupied with a class
    • —Discounted rates on equipment rental

On top of all of this, founders also get a say in future classes, events, and workshops through our Proving Grounds Founders page; where we hold polls and questionnaires regarding what you’d like to see more of! So don’t delay! Become a founder today!

Are you a business owner? Contact us to hear about our business exclusive founder pack!

Already a founder and wanting to change your donation level? Just Contact Us and let us know!

Wanting to help support us but not wanting to become a founder? Check out our goal page! Please note that founder perks are only valid with a current subscription.

Upon reaching 25% funded (100 Points), we will be opening an intermin facility to host our classes and events until funding completion. This facility will be smaller than our ultimate goal, and will offer a smaller selection of the total variety we aim towards.

The Founder program enables us to continue offering our classes and events at discounted rates, as well as enables us to participate in local charity events. Please consider becoming a part of our community if you’re able!

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Please consider selecting at least 1 level above the class credits that you require for what your taking, to help us reach our goal faster! Thank you!

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