Lightsaber Duelling

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Ever want to just let loose with a lightsaber? We certainly have!

We’re aiming to bring in a minimum of 8 of Calimacil’s KixStar Plasma Sabers¬†and to start running a drop in fight night (just like our current Friday Fight Night) either weekly, or bi-weekly depending on popularity. This drop in will be entirely for fun, and we make no claims about this being in any way useful for self defence or martial arts. We do though make claims about it being incredibly cool, and a good work out.

If you’d like to help us reach our goal, please help by donating to this page! We also intend to run several fundraisers over the next few months to ensure that we can reach our goal, and have the funds to cover any unaccounted for expenses!

As with our currently running drop in fight night, we intend for this one to be entirely free for Founders

Posted April 22, 2018


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