Sponsor a Student!

The Proving Grounds is seeking sponsors that want to be a part of a students life, and to give them an opportunity they otherwise wouldn’t have! For $50 a month, you can give a student the chance to take part in our classes, receive private lessons, and immerse themselves in a healthy environment filled with positive role models and peers that will encourage them!

Each credit you sponsor will provide a student the ability to sign up for the class or classes of their choice; as well as having all of the required equipment provided to them. They will also receive monthly private lessons, access to exclusive Proving Grounds events, and more!

These credits are banked in the event that the current student is unable to continue their classes, or starts being able to provide for themself. This means that no matter what: the class credits will always be usable by those that need them!

As well, all sponsorship also contributes to our existing Founders Program, which is raising funds to open a new facility in town and expand our currently available selection of classes.

We wish to recognize all of our sponsors by listing them on our Sponsor Program page, as well as through mention on our social media. If you are a business and would like us to list your business name and link to it, please just let us know!

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