Our Goal

(And how we’ll get it)

What We Want

We’re aiming to create a unique facility which will feature a wide variety of stations and activities to keep even the most somber person happy and healthy. Below is the current list of what we aim to have the facility offer:

  • Indoor archery range
  • Indoor axe & knife throwing range
  • Padded area for drop in and classes
  • Free weight/stationary weight area for exercise drop in
  • Hard floor area for weapons training
  • Storefront
    • We aim to carry all equipment that will be necessary for every class and event we run, as well as much more
  • Knife Sharpening Service
  • (Optional) Pub
    • In accordance with BC’s new laws, all businesses can apply for a liquor licence. We personally find the idea of relaxing with a nice drink and some throwing axes appealing.

On top of just having these great things in our facility, we aim to provide the best services and activities we can. These will range from weekly classes, to top quality events, and even charity dinners and more! Below is a list of the currently scheduled classes and regularily scheduled events we plan on offering. This is by no means a complete list of all classes and activities that will be run, but we tried to get as much as we could on it:

How We’ll Get There

We’re reach our goal the same way all goals are met: through the good will and dedication of our students and all those that want to see us succeed. Currently, we’re running our Founder Club program which sees people offering a monthly donation in exchange for unlimited access to all of our classes. On top of our founders, we run monthly events, various tournaments, and even more workshops and seminars to bring in income and attract attention to our goal. We welcome any and all contributions, and encourage everyone that wants to see this dream become a reality to actively work with us to achieve this goal!

So how can you help? Share us with your friends! Become a founder, spread us on social media, come out to classes and take pictures, drag your friends (by force if necessary) to our classes and events, and generally just be a part of our ever growing community! The more people pushing for this to happen, the faster it will succeed!