Life’s better with friends! Everything’s better when your friends are there, and we want to promote that! So for the entire month of February hanging out with your friends will get you free passes to The Proving Grounds drop in, and save you money! So how does it work?

Step 1: You come in to the facility and get yourself a membership. They’re free, and we do nothing but give you free stuff!

Step 2: You bring in a friend that’s never been in before, and you both enjoy some sparring at drop in, any time of the week. Your friend gets a new experience, and you get a tally added to your membership, and 50% off drop in for the day (rental fees stay the same)!

Step 3: You bring in 5 new friends, and you get a free drop in added to your account, that you can use whenever you want! It doesn’t come much easier than this. You spend time with your friends, and we give you stuff for it!