On the last Saturday of October, the demon is prowls the woods. Beware his silent approach, as just a touch can take your soul; binding you to these woods for all eternity. He cannot be killed, and cannot be stopped. Your only hope is to still have a soul by the nights end.

Your only salvation lies in the spirits of Halloween scattered throughout the woods. When they glow, they will guard you from the demon in all it’s forms. They seek to aid an individual and free a lost soul.

Beware the lantern bearer, for their job is to guard the spirits. The bearer is the mediator of the spirits, and acts as their will on this day. Do not attack this guardian, for your only hope of safety lay with them.

Guard your voice on this eve, for a cry in fear will separate you from your soul.

Be cautious of your allies, as they fight for their own survival. Their salvation comes in claiming souls to safeguard their escape. They may steal your life through fright, or they may simply slit your throat. There’s more than one way to kill a man, and by the end of the night, they’ll find them all.