Youth Fencing Program Equipment Sponsorship




Want to help the Youth Fencing Program get going? How about buying a sword and helmet for it! Calimacil has been kind enough to agree to make custom swords for the program that will suit our needs, but they don’t come cheap! Each pair of sword and helmet comes to $250, and we’re aiming to bring in enough equipment to be have up to 40 students in a class. Help us reach our goal by buying a sword for the program (or just part of it) and be listed on our sword wall for all time! Not only that, but we’ll even put your name along the blade of the sword!

You will only have until March 1st at the latest to sponsor a sword and have it engraved. After that, you will still be able to retroactively sponsor a sword, but we will not be able to have our manufacturers add anything to the swords.

Want to give a regular donation instead? Then check out our primary Youth Fencing Program Sponsorship page!