About the Store

The Proving Grounds also has retail store carrying martial arts supplies, and padded weapons for sparring. We have an ever expanding inventory that caters to martial artists, LARPer’s, Melee Combat Games participants, and beginner archer’s alike.

We’re Metro Vancouver’s number 1 provider of both Calimacil and Epic Armoury products; two of the biggest padded weapon companies in the world. These two companies make weapons and shields that are padded enough to be used without armour, yet sturdy enough to be used in full contact sparring without breaking or tearing. The weapons are kid friendly, and can be used by people of all makes. We at The Proving Grounds always recommend that you have head and eye protection on when using any weapons.

As well as weapons, we carry various accessories to help protect and maintain your weapons, and yourself. Ranging from silicon spray, to gloves and archery protection, to frogs; we aim to be your one stop shop for anything you could need. And if we don’t have it, we’ll do everything we can to get it in for you! Come on out and see for yourself. You can swing around the weapons, test out the bows, and find a pair of gloves that fits like….well, a glove!

Founded in 2004 in eastern Canada, Calimacil is a world-class supplier of foam weapons, armour and accessories.  Their highly-detailed, high-impact foam weapons are perfect for LARP, historical re-enactment, and martial arts sparring.  These weapons are safe and highly durable, able to withstand countless full-contact battles and extreme weather conditions.  Calimacil designs and crafts all its own weapons, and also does custom builds.

Epic Armoury is a Canadian supplier that specializes in importing latex weapons from the US and Europe and crafting their own weapons and clothes.  Their finely sculpted gear is perfect for bringing your characters to life whether you play as a half-elf rogue, a wandering samurai, or a post-apocalyptic survivor.