The Proving Grounds is happy to present: The Hunger Games! Our very own version of the famous series featuring teenagers in a deathmatch!

We’ve designed our game to be as close to the original as possible while still keeping things fun and enjoyable. Participants will be escorted to the game zone, and from there it’s game on! Keeping with the story, all participants will have to find their own weapons as they go, and are free to use whatever tactics they can manage to keep themselves alive! The game will be played out in a designated area that will be outlined by a border. As the game progresses, the border of the arena will slowly shrink in, and make the area smaller. Weapons and players trapped on the outside of the border will be considered lost.

In an effort to keep things enjoyable, we’ll allow all players to die once and rejoin the game after a set period of time; up until a certain amount of time has passed. After that alloted time, all deaths are permanant, regardless of if you haven’t died yet.

Just like in the series, we’re also hosting a gathering for non-combatants and the dead which we call: The Benefactors. A benefactor will have access to games to compete and gamble for chips in. What do chips do, you may ask? Well they let you interfere with the games, of course! That’s right! Just like in the series, you can send aid to your prefered fighters to try to give them the edge in battle.

Outside of the games, there will also be events such as Melee Combat Games, a mini-tournament, and more! Tickets for this event are $50 for Combatants, and $30 for Benefactors. Anybody willing to donate weapons and equipment for use in the games will receive a discount on their entry fee!

All combatants and benefactors will recieve lunch as part of their entry fee!

Do you have what it takes to survive the games?