Treasure Hunters

We all like finding treasure. There’s just something satisfying about finding a $5 bill in our pocket, or a long forgotten little trinket somewhere on a trail. Well we think so at least, and we want to give you the chance to find something a little better than just a $5 bill.

Treasure Hunters is a monthly treasure hunt for Founders. Each month we hide treasure somewhere in the central island region (ranging from Qualicum to Ladysmith). Your job is simply to find it! Each treasure cache will have instructions that you need to follow to claim your prize, and then it’s all yours!

How will you know where to look? After hiding the treasure we will be posting clues to the it’s whereabouts. If you can’t find it with the first clue, just keep checking back and wait for the next one!

If you want to hunt for treasure, you need to make sure you’re currently part of our Founders Program! Even if you find the treasure, if you’re not a founder you wont be able to turn in what you find for the prize!

Please note: our treasures will never require you to destroy anything to find them, nor to dig up or crack anything. You can leave your shovels and pickaxes at home. You may though need to move things out of the way, so keep your eyes open!